Sonia, Head of Operations, India at Baton Systems

Sonia Bathija

Director & Head of Operations, India at Baton Systems

Sonia Bathija is Director & Head of Operations, India at Baton Systems, responsible for initiating and leading the company’s operations in India.

With almost 25 years of global client experience in product development, Sonia brings to her role a unique combination of leadership skills, risk assessment capabilities and incisive decision making. Prior to joining Baton as Director of Program Management in 2017, she worked at iSOFT, IBA Health and CSC for a combined 13 years. There she led large teams overseeing the strategic release of healthcare products with strict adherence to international guidelines across the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand.

Sonia began her career at NIIT Technologies in their Technology Innovation Centre, where she helped develop RAD tools that optimised time to deliver turnkey projects and increased profitability across India, Singapore, the USA and Japan.

The recipient of Awards of Excellence from both NIIT and CSC for her contribution to business in 2021 Sonia was also honoured with the prestigious Indian Achievers’ Award.

Sonia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Ethiraj College for Women.

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