Core-Payments®: Supporting Risk Managers

Systematically mitigate post-trade operational risk, wholesale payment risk, liquidity risk and settlement risk on a firm-wide basis
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Real-time data, Supervision and Control

Reconciling payments on a settlement+1 basis means risk managers often lack the critical real-time payment information needed to quickly and effectively manage emerging situations and assess their current exposure – especially in times of market stress. Furthermore, siloed, manual systems and processes increase the potential for error and payment controls, often managed at the individual business level, limit the ability to systematically manage settlement and payment risk on a firm-wide basis.

Addressing this challenge, Core-Payments provides risk managers with the real-time data, supervision and controls needed to effectively manage risk across all payment flows and business lines.

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Introducing Baton’s no-code payment hold and release rules – just one of the ways Core-Payments provide risk managers with effective payment controls

Powering Automated, Configurable Workflows and Controls with Real-time Payment Intelligence

Automating post-trade processes with configurable workflows and delivering real-time insight, supervision and payment controls, Core-Payments has been designed to support risk teams in mitigating sources of operational, payment risk, liquidity and settlement risk.

Core-Payments continuously reconciles inbound and outbound payments, on a statement vs ledger basis providing risk managers with the real-time payment intelligence needed to make informed intraday settlement and payment risk decisions.

Using this real-time data to power Baton’s smart and configurable workflows, users are alerted to emerging situations, can instigate firm-wide rules immediately holding all required payments, and automatically orchestrate the controlled release of payment instructions.

Core-Payments® – Real-time payments insight and payment control

Reduce Settlement Risk

Access the real-time payment information needed to mitigate settlement risks, such as the firm’s current exposure to a given counterparty or the ability to source specific currencies to meet obligations. Then safely settle on a payment on payment (PoP) basis by implementing automated controls to ensure that payments to counterparties are only released if those counterparties are fulfilling their respective obligations.

Reduced Liquidity Risk

Set alerts and gain real-time access to the critical information needed to manage intraday liquidity risk – such as funding balances, available liquidity, exposures and payment forecasts. Then use this information to power configurable workflows and automatically orchestrate the controlled, sequenced and strategic release of payment instructions based on specific conditions such as time, priority order or dependencies such as the current availability of funds.

Increase Capacity and Productivity Without Increasing Risk

Enable capacity growth without increasing risk by eliminating manual post-trade payment processes that enforce core policies without the need for exceptional approvals and expand counterparty coverage by deploying automated safe-settlement via payment on payment (PoP)

Reduce Payments Risk

Instantly create no-code payment rules to stop and control the release of all required payments and settlements across all business lines and payment flows.

Enhance Payment Supervision

With configurable real-time alerts and dashboards view settlement obligations, exposures and operational data. Furthermore, our standardised workflow for handling exceptions includes an auditable approvals process.

Increase Regulatory Resilience

Achieve complete, real-time visibility across the end-to-end payment process and put in place the automated, configurable payment controls your business needs to manage associated risks.

Reduce Operational Risk

Replace manual processes with automated and simplified payment and settlement processes across client and business silos powered by collaborative, automated workflows. Be alerted in real-time to pending and realised settlement breaks so resolution can quickly commence.

Core-Payments® Supporting Risk Managers

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