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Baton Core-Liquidity: transforming liquidity management through distributed ledger technology

In PAY21 October, Alex Knight, Baton Systems’ Global Head of Sales, introduces Baton Core-Liquidity, a solution based around a set of wallets that share in an underlying cash account with a nostro bank, allowing for real time, frictionless movements of cash.

Baton Core-FX: Transforming FX Settlements

“This is going to completely revolutionise the world of FX settlements,” says Alex Knight, Baton’s Head of Sales in PAY21 October. Alex presents Baton Core-FX, a solution that gives all market participants a fast and secure platform for the safe settlement of their FX trades.

Transforming your collateral management processes with Baton Core-Collateral

Alex Knight, Baton Systems’ Global Head of Sales, demonstrates Core-Collateral, a solution which enables FCMs and CCPs to automate and optimise collateral holdings and expedite the movement of cash and securities.

The Basel III Framework and Digital Market Infrastructures

Jerome Kemp, President of Baton Systems, talks to Bill Coen about the Basel III Capital Framework and today’s emerging digital market infrastructures.

Citi’s Mariam Rafi Discusses the Importance of Optimised Collateral Management

Mariam talks to Jerome Kemp, Senior Advisor to Baton Systems, about the evolution and importance of the role of collateral within the broader clearing context.

Baton’s Cleared Collateral Platform: A Demo

Tucker Dona demonstrates Baton’s Cleared Collateral Platform which allows firms to achieve automated collateral management and is currently in production with several major FCMs and CCPs.

FX Living Dangerously

Baton Systems recently spoke with Colin Lambert, publisher of The Full FX, about what is getting the FX market talking and why the back office is ripe for transformation.

The Benefits of Effective Collateral Management in Cleared Derivatives

The effective management and deployment of assets has always been an important factor in the performance of Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs).

Podcast Series:Transforming Markets

Hosted by Baton’s Founder & CEO Arjun Jayaram, the podcasts explore innovation in payments and post trade processing. Each show features special guests and thought leaders who are shaping the future of the markets.

Fact Sheets & Use Cases

Real-Time PvP FX Settlements

Despite recent improvements in market infrastructure, the cost of managing these risks are still rising, and significant challenges remain

Collateral Workflow

Improve decision making with better, faster data, integrated with eligibility and haircut rules.

FX Settlement Workflow

Baton Systems reduces costs and risks, and enhances banks’ use of available liquidity by harmonising workflows and eliminating manual processes.

FX Settlement Factsheet

The sheer size of the foreign exchange market creates a slew of credit, market, liquidity/funding replacement, operational and settlement risks.

Collateral Workflow for Cleared Derivatives

By synchronising and orchestrating the movement of assets between counterparties–on-demand–Baton is driving a new level of efficiency.

Overcoming liquidity challenges for internal Cash Management & Treasury Operations

How Baton solves a $300-million problem for financial institutions.

Use Case: Overcoming settlement and liquidity challenges for peer-to-peer FX

How Baton solves the problems behind $8.9 trillion of settlement risk.

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