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In March we explored how firms can overcome challenges in FX settlement and liquidity. We joined our host Alex Knight, Head of Global Sales for exclusive demos, delved into detailed use cases and learnt from the industry leaders how the Baton platform, built on distributed ledger technology (DLT), is transforming the movement of assets across the world’s largest financial markets.

9 Minutes

Baton Systems Company Update – Arjun Jayaram, CEO & Founder

6 Minutes

Discover The Platform – Mohammad Abidi, Vice President of Engineering

6 Minutes

PvP Liquidity Demo – Tucker Dona, Head of Business Development and Client Success

8 Minutes

Meet the Engineers – Sonia Bathija, Head of Operations

17 Minutes

Market Insight – Jerome Kemp, Senior Advisor

6 Minutes

Audience Q&A – Alex Knight, Mohammad Abidi & Tucker Dona

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