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Baton System's Programme for Expansion

In 2020 constraints imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic accelerated Baton Systems’ move to virtual working and recruitment processes. Baton has further extensive plans to expand in 2021.

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Baton Systems will significantly expand its workforce in India in 2021, and is looking to onboard not just traditional lateral hires, but a diverse talent base. 

“We have a very large recruitment target for 2021,” says Sonia Bathija, Baton’s head of operations. “To achieve this, our strategy has been to lay out a strong foundation with the talent community. The philosophy of our business is that hiring is everyone’s business, not just the responsibility of HR. Business leaders, employees and candidates all have a degree of accountability.” 

“When you join Baton, we want you to feel that you belong to Baton and Baton belongs to you.”
– Sonia Bathija

 Technology has transformed the overall talent domain in the past twelve months. Baton’s interviews and campus recruitment procedures are now virtual and the company has worked with various partners on the gamification of talent for the employee onboarding process. 

Before the global Covid-19 pandemic, Baton’s employees were already able to work with some degree of flexibility. This culture coupled with the company’s existing infrastructure meant that transition to home working for all employees in March 2020 was able to be made seamlessly in three days. 

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