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An Overview of the PvP Settlement demo

Based in Austin, Texas, Tucker Dona is Head of Business Development and Client Success at Baton Systems, responsible for driving sales and business development.

Tucker gives a brief demonstration to help the audience better understand the functionality of Baton’s real-time PvP settlement process for FX.

“The Baton system indicates official ownership change as settlement of the netting group takes place.”
– Tucker Dona

“The Baton settlement process can be reduced to as little as three minutes,” Tucker explains, keen to stress that settlement risk and funding costs are hugely reduced as a result of shortening the settlement cycle.

The key to Baton’s process, he says, is both parties’ use of Baton’s permission ledger and workflow. The ledger is legally supported by a rulebook which provides for settlement finality and certainty.

Watch the PvP Liquidity Demo with Tucker Dona

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