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Baton Core-Payments™: Transforming Your Settlements and Payments Processes

Alex Knight, Global Head of Sales at Baton Systems, introduces Baton Core-Payments™, a solution which uses business-defined rules to give users complete control over their payments and settlements, across business siloes.

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Alex explains that a challenge faced by many firms is that their operations functions don’t have real time visibility into their settlement exposures at a counterparty level. “It seems absurd that in 2021 payments might continue to be made in ignorance to a counterparty that has failed to meet its own obligations,” he says, “but this is the reality, a consequence of the legacy processes still in use.

“A payment won’t be made simply because of its position in a queue, but because the intelligence signifies that it is the right time to do so.”
– Alex Knight

“Core-Payments provides a suite of tools which transforms your settlements and payments processes without imposing new technology on your counterparties or customers.”

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