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The Benefits of Effective Collateral Management in Cleared Derivatives

The effective management and deployment of assets has always been an important factor in the performance of Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs).

Stress Fatigue: Addressing the Urgent Threat of Settlement Risk in the Global Financial System

While financial markets appear to have recovered almost without damage from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) more than a decade ago, the truth is not so uplifting.

Baton System’s Programme for Expansion

In 2020 constraints imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic accelerated Baton Systems’ move to virtual working and recruitment processes. Baton has further extensive plans to expand in 2021.

An Overview of the PvP Settlement demo

Tucker Dona gives a brief demonstration to help the audience better understand the functionality of Baton’s real-time PvP settlement process for FX.

How we solve an old money problem with new market technology

Baton’s 90-day method for dealing with $8.9 trillion of settlement risk and tackling $300 million of intraday liquidity costs.

The vanguard of FX Settlements transformation

Jerome Kemp, senior advisor to Baton, explains his passion for the markets in which Baton is disrupting.

How Baton’s Tech Delivers Fast & Accurate Transactions

In PAY21, Mohammad Abidi gives an overview of the exciting technology that powers Baton’s services.

Podcast Series:Transforming Markets

Hosted by Baton’s Founder & CEO Arjun Jayaram, the podcasts explore innovation in payments and post trade processing. Each show features special guests and thought leaders who are shaping the future of the markets.

Fact Sheets & Use Cases

Collateral Workflow for Cleared Derivatives

By synchronising and orchestrating the movement of assets between counterparties–on-demand–Baton is driving a new level of efficiency.

Overcoming liquidity challenges for internal Cash Management & Treasury Operation

Overcoming liquidity challenges for internal Cash Management & Treasury Operations

How Baton solves a $300-million problem for financial institutions.

Overcoming settlement and liquidity challenges for peer to peer Fx transactions

Use Case: Overcoming settlement and liquidity challenges for peer-to-peer FX

How Baton solves the problems behind $8.9 trillion of settlement risk.

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