Payments are inefficient…

The payments process in global banking is remarkably archaic, yet technology exists to address the challenges that legacy systems present. Traditionally, disparate systems have created complexity and inefficiency, resulting in delayed and costly payments for all participants.


…Baton simplifies the process

Our mission is to provide the marketplace with fast and efficient payment solutions that increase return on capital, while reducing processing times and driving down operational costs for all parties.

We do this by deploying the latest technologies to deliver easy integration across existing systems, while ensuring that security and performance are never compromised.

Our Services


Asset Baton

Our flagship solution seamlessly connects disparate bank ledgers with a shared, permissioned ledger, reducing opacity while cutting the need for exception handling, failure-to-pay fees and manual oversight.

Asset Baton is an on-demand clearing and settlement gateway, enabling instant reconciliation down to the sub-account level. Accelerate payments and enjoy full control over the flow of capital.


Transparency and Control

Gain a real-time view into funds flow, right within your existing systems. Control where your assets need to be, and exactly when they need to be there.

Unmatched Technology

Gaining new ground for institutions to transfer funds requires efficient, secure and reliable technology that works on any system. Baton technology makes it possible.

Where Baton Works

Our clients are using Baton solutions and technology for a variety of workflows – from OTC to exchange-traded markets and even internal applications, including:

 FX Processing

DvP and PvP

Reduce prefunding and T+2
settlement to near real-time for
Delivery vs. Payment and
Payment vs. Payment procedures

 Futures and Cleared OTC Solutions

Collateral Substitution 
Pledge, recall and substitution

CCP Access Programs
ISA Direct, Client Membership
Client Funds Segregation (ISA)

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