Ronn Baker

Senior Director of North American Sales, Baton Systems

Ronn Baker joined Baton Systems in March 2022 as Senior Director of North American Sales.

Ronn brings over 15 years of capital markets experience. He joined from Wells Fargo where he was most recently Director of FX Sales and Innovation and Digital Strategy, spearheading the implementation of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), cryptocurrencies and digital assets for the FX trading and Capital Markets division. Prior to this, Ronn spent seven years as Director of FX Sales with responsibility for trading and cross-border payment solutions and services, increasing FX portfolio revenue by 260%.

In his previous role in eCommerce Sales, Ronn was responsible for the migration of 325 clients to Wells Fargo’s eCommerce platform over a period of 18 months. During this period he added $7 million to the bank’s annual revenue and oversaw growth of 163% in correspondent banking acquisitions.

Prior to joining Well Fargo in 2007, Ronn held a number of consulting roles, where, among other projects, he delivered savings of $6 million for a major network communications organisation and $3 million for a large electronics company. During this time he oversaw and managed a client base of over 75 companies and 11,000 users.

Ronn began his career in Sales and Marketing in Latin America, covering 7 different countries across the region and increasing company revenue by $5 million across 2.5 years. Ronn speaks fluent Spanish and is active within his local Hispanic community.

Ronn holds a degree in Mathematical Statistics and Probability from North Carolina State University. An avid sports person who enjoys running, hiking and kettlebells, his hobbies also include reading and beekeeping