Welcome to PAY21 - Transforming FX Settlement, Payments & Liquidity Management

In this month’s PAY21 we will be exploring how innovative tier 1 banks are now using Baton’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) to address liquidity and funding challenges, gain real-time visibility of settlement exposure and achieve collaborative, fast and secure post-trade processing – all the way from trade matching through to settlement.

Alex, Global Head of Sales and EMEA, Baton systems

PAY21 Intro with Alex Knight

Founder and CEO of Baton Systems

Company Updates with Arjun Jayaram & Jerome Kemp

Interview with Bill Coen, Senior Advisor

Baton – Core-Liquidity with Alex Knight

Baton – Core-Payments with Alex Knight

Core- FX image

Baton – Core-FX with Alex Knight

Download our Industry Article:

'STRESS FATIGUE: Addressing the Urgent Threat of Settlement Risk in the Global Financial System'

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