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Baton’s Cleared Collateral Platform: A Demo

Tucker Dona demonstrates Baton’s Cleared Collateral Platform which allows firms to achieve automated collateral management and is currently in production with several major FCMs and CCPs.

Hear Tucker Dona discuss Baton's Cleared Collateral Platform:

Enabling firms to automate and optimise collateral holdings and expedite the movement of cash and securities to and from CCPs, Tucker explains that the Cleared Collateral Platform offers a variety of functionality, designed to specifically support the needs of FCMs today.

He first highlights the summary screen which normalises and standardises information coming from all of the connected CCPs. He explains that the Collateral Profile screen offers a quick and easy way to see haircut and CUF information across CCPs and the platform also offers a consolidated source to pledge and recall assets directly to the CCPs – accelerating productivity by eliminating the need to access each CCP’s individual GUI.

“All information is updated intraday as close to real time as each CCP offers.”
– Tucker Dona

The summary screen gives an overall picture of requirements and holdings, both cash and non-cash, at a summary level. Expanding any of the listed accounts gives a more detailed view by currency.

The right-hand side of the screen shows when the information was last updated. “All information is updated intraday as close to real time as each CCP offers,” Tucker explains. “The information is, naturally, downloadable to Excel and, with integration, can be sent to FCMs via an API or SFTP.”

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