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13th December 2021PRESS RELEASE
Baton Systems’ Core-FX™ technology powers the world’s first interbank riskless settlement outside of CLS

Standing at the threshold of a new era in FX settlements, two of the world’s largest financial institutions are now collaboratively settling FX trades bilaterally on demand, via PvP - using real currencies in real accounts, in less than 3 minutes with legal settlement finality.

13th December 2021PRESS RELEASE
Wells Fargo and HSBC establish bilateral agreement to settle FX transactions through a blockchain-based solution

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and HSBC Bank plc today announced an agreement to use a blockchain-based solution for the netting and settlement of matched foreign exchange (FX) transactions.

18th October 2021VIDEO
Baton Core-FX: Transforming FX Settlements

“This is going to completely revolutionise the world of FX settlements” says Baton Systems’ Alex Knight as he introduces Baton’s Core-FX solution that allows FX businesses to safely settle, with all of the benefits of PvP, multiple times a day with automated netting and payment strategies.


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17th November 2021ARTICLE
Tackling rising FX settlement risk with DLT

FX businesses are battling settlement risk concerns, hamstrung by limited PvP access amidst rising emerging market currency trading volumes. With current processes constraining trading activity and generating funding and liquidity challenges we explore the technology now available to enable firms to take control, mitigate rising settlement risk, associated costs and concerns.

10th November 2021ARTICLE
The post-trade revolution: transforming the ability to manage liquidity and risk

Baton’s Head of EMEA, Alex Knight, explores the ongoing technological revolution now taking place in FX post-trade processing that's consigning the problems of inefficient, costly and restrictive processes to the history books.

17th October 2021WHITE PAPER
Stress Fatigue: Addressing the Urgent Threat of Settlement Risk in the Global Financial System

Baton's President, Jerome Kemp, examines why failure to address infrastructure inadequacies, and the resultant creaking settlements process, could result in tragedy for the financial system, that could easily be avoided.

29th September 2021ARTICLE
The potential for Distributed Ledger Technology to reduce FX Settlement Risk

As banks prepare to process and settle new digital assets, including CBDCs and Stablecoins, there’s an increasing realisation that adopting cloud-based SaaS solutions and digital market infrastructures will be critical. Technical teams are under pressure to make this shift – but new technologies will need to deliver interoperability. This article discusses the data, workflow and security factors requiring consideration.