Baton Technology

Advanced technology for fast, accurate transactions

Baton’s unique technology is at the forefront of our solutions, creating a new model to manage clearing, settlement and the flow of capital.

With multiple patents already, we’re proud to develop post-trade solutions that enable speed, efficiency, accuracy and automation – all while ensuring complete reporting and regulatory compliance.

Baton Technology and Distributed Ledgers

Baton’s flexible technology works on existing systems and processes – including the blockchain. Find out why we focus on using existing rails within banks for our solutions.

Flexible Implementation for Your Unique Needs

Baton technology works on your “existing rails.” Keep your current systems and processes intact while adding the speed, connectivity and efficiency of a cutting-edge payment solution.


In-house or in the Cloud

Baton technology is compatible with multiple banking environments and ledgers – either in your own data center or as a cloud-based solution.


Extensible with APIs

With robust APIs and functionality sets, build custom workflows for bilateral and multilateral settlement of all asset types while leveraging Baton platforms for transactions.

Reliable Solutions for Your Processes

Our clients demand the highest reliability for their core payment systems which we confirm via our mutual Service Level Agreements (SLAs), including:



High level of infrastructure and data redundancy across geographic regions (US East Coast and West Coast)


Security and Encryption

Our multi-tier system (MTS) security provides peace of mind at all technology layers, with authentication and authorization controls.



Partners can choose to isolate their service infrastructure to handle more predictable traffic loads


Auto-scaled Architecture

Optimized for “burstiness” of requests, our infrastructure utilizes microservice techniques for auto-scaling