G20 Hackathon

We have created a 15-minute video of the demo. We have divided this into the following.

  • An In-depth introduction to the problem in EM currencies when it comes to limited funding options, no venues for safe settlements like PvP or Payment on Payment
  • We then demonstrate how Baton Core Fx offers PvP, Settlement Finality, Flexible netting, Payment Splitting, Single Source of Truth, and Shared workflows to members
  • Further, we show how the new payment stack provides real-time visibility and control for funding sources across any currency set and CBDCs. 
  • We demonstrate how predictive analytics is used to predict funding liquidity better and optimize and sequence inbound and outbound payments. This modern payment technology stack will unlock liquidity in EM currencies and reduce the risk for participants allowing them to be more efficient with funding, risk, and settlement costs. 
  • The improvements in risks and better funding and costs will significantly impact Limit order books and Fx trading for Fx. We first explain the current inefficient Fx books for emerging currencies. With efficient technology, markets can be transformed with lower costs and more buyers and sellers. These help reduce costs and increase efficiencies for emerging currencies and markets.