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May 22nd at 3pm UK / 10am ET.

Core-Payments: Providing Liquidity and Risk Managers with Critical Payment Insight and Control

Lacking access to critical real-time payment information and effective firm-wide controls, risk and liquidity teams are often unable to effectively manage intraday emerging risks or optimise available funds to increase profitability and financial resiliency.

Join our webinar to learn how our Core-Payments solution, which reconciles payments in real-time, alerts risk and liquidity managers to emerging situations and provides access to the real-time, and historical payment intelligence they need to automatically orchestrate and control the safe-settlement of payment instructions on a firm-wide basis.

  • Access the real-time payment information needed to mitigate settlement and payment risks, such as the firm’s current exposure to a given counterparty or the ability to source specific currencies to meet obligations.
  • Implement automated controls to ensure that payments to counterparties are only released if those counterparties are fulfilling their own respective obligations.
  • Instantly create no-code payment controls to stop and control the release of all required payments and settlements across all business lines and payment flows.
  • Access real-time and historical payment data needed to manage intraday liquidity – such as funding balances, available liquidity, exposures and payment forecasts.
  • Then automatically orchestrate the controlled and strategic release of payment instructions based on specific conditions such as time, sequencing, priority orders or dependencies such as funds availability.

Core-Payments® – Real-time payments insight and payment control